Lexington County Sheriff's Department Substation

Under the leadership of Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department has a total of 11 full-time law enforcement positions assigned to the Chapin Patrol District, which is based at a substation at 103 Columbia Avenue in Chapin. The 11 full-time positions include one supervisor, five road patrol deputies, three school resource officers, one resident deputy and one detective. Two deputies currently are performing road patrols in the Chapin community, while the Sheriff’s Department is in the process of hiring deputies to fill the remaining three road patrol positions.

While the Sheriff’s Department maintains a law enforcement presence in the Chapin community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the substation for the Chapin Patrol District currently is not manned at all times. Citizens who wish to speak with a deputy at the Chapin Patrol District substation can call 803-932-0273. If no one is available at the substation, citizens should call the main telephone number for the Sheriff’s Department at 803-785-8230. Sergeant Bill Finch, who lives in Chapin and can be reached directly at 803-606-8220, supervises the Chapin Patrol District.