Questions regarding Beaufort Street bid

FAQ Regarding the Beaufort Street requests for bids


  1.  Is there an estimated value or budget for these projects?  Answer – Each of these bid requests have an estimated value of between 0-25K.


  1. Is there a projected start date for this project?  Answer – We’re hopeful to complete the project this spring.  An April start date is anticipated.


  1. Are the sidewalks needing repair on Beaufort Street marked?  Answer – Yes, the areas needing repair are marked with yellow arrows near the curb on both sides of the street.


  1. Can I bid on more than 1 phase of the project?  Answer – Yes, but please submit the bids separately if you bid on more than one.



  1. How much will business license cost to perform this work for the town?  Answer – The business license for an out of town contractor will cost approximately 1 percent of the estimated contract value.


  1. Can the town purchase the planters that we have specified in the RFP and have the selected contractor install them?  Answer – The planters or an approved substitute must be provided for in the bid proposal by the contractor.



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6. Questions regarding Beaufort Street bid