2021 Comprehensive Plan

Community planning, according to the American Planning Association, is “a process that seeks to engage all members of the community to create a more prosperous, convenient, equitable, healthy, and attractive place for present and future generations.”  One of the fundamental responsibilities of local government is to plan for future growth and development of the community.  The guidance document that results from this planning process is the comprehensive plan. 

The Town of Chapin will provide for the sustainable integration of new growth and development that is in harmony with the existing small town character and quality of life in our community. In order to realize this vision, the comprehensive plan will adhere to several guiding principles.


To view information shared during our Public meeting and to learn more about information shared with us by our citizens you can view all of the documentation provided below:


Comprehensive Plan

Adopted December 7, 2021-

Previous Comprehensive Plan Adopted in 2011

Thank you to all those that participated in our survey. Your insight was invaluable to our planning process.


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