Building Bridges

When we share our voices and listen to each other, we have the power to make our communities great. It simply takes a conversation. 

As a nation we are facing a divisive and trepidatious time in our history but we believe in a brighter, more vibrant future for all our citizens. In order to take steps towards meaningful and impactful change we must first seek to understand the problems we are facing. We pulled together members of the community for an open forum to speak frankly on real experiences within the Chapin community. 

This video is over a hour and thirty five minutes and covers a variety of perspectives and thoughts. This forum offered the opportunity to speak openly about race in a safe and encouraging environment.  We invite our community to listen to this candid conversation regarding race and its effect on our citizens. Some thoughts and sentiments might be uncomfortable or difficult to hear but we welcome you to listen to what our participants had to say. We challenge you to use this as a catalyst to create change and encourage dialogue within your own environment. We all have the power to affect sweeping change but it takes all of us working  together to build a bridge to a better tomorrow. 

The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.

-      Ralph G. Nichols

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Building Bridges


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