Roads Updates

Columbia Avenue (S-48) Update (Jan. 2017)

There was a Public Hearing on January 17, 2017, at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church to review the preferred alternative routes for widening Columbia Avenue (S-48) and other improvements to the corridor to alleviate traffic congestion. Click here to see the information and diagrams that were presented, including a video demonstration of the diverging diamond interchange for the interstate.

The public is welcome to provide feedback to Jeff McNesby, Lexington County Engineer, through February 1, 2017. Mail your comments to him care of Lexington County Public Works Department, 440 Ball Park Road, Lexington, SC 29072.

September 29, 2016 Roads Meeting at Town Hall

Thank you to all the citizens and public officials that attended our Roads Meeting. Below are links for the video of the meeting as well as copies of the PowerPoint presentations made by Lexington County and SCDOT officials.

Meeting video

Lexington County Public Works presentation

SC DOT presentation

SC DOT Public Hearings (Scroll to click on S-48 Corridor Improvement for recap of past meetings and information)

Columbia Avenue Update (May 2016)

Proposed Alternative Route Maps (May 2016)

Amicks Ferry Resurfacing

SCDOT is working with the contractor to re-establish the appropriate speed limit signs along Amicks Ferry Road. The speed limits will remain the same as before, 35 mph from Chapin Road to Broomstraw Road, then 50 mph until you get to Walt Rauch Road where it will reduce to 40 mph. The exceptions being where curve advisories are in effect. Additional speed limit and curve advisory signs will be placed as needed.

In addition, the double-yellow no passing lines will be re-established in front of the fire station.

Interstate 26 Widening Update

During a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting (October 18, 2016) when Rep. Chip Huggins and Rep. Nathan Ballentine spoke to members, a question was asked about the addition of a new interchange with access ramps, possibly between the Chapin and Peak exits. According to Robert Dickinson, SCDOT is focused on increasing current interstate and interchange capacities. Both the Peak (exit 97) and Chapin (exit 91) interchanges will be replaced to meet current design standards and traffic modeling will be completed at each interchange. They have not completed traffic analysis to confirm the logical termini of the project yet, but if the traffic numbers show the widening is needed all the way out to Little Mountain (exit 85), they will evaluate replacing that interchange, too. The overpass bridge at Old Hilton will be replaced with a new bridge, but it is not scoped to be added as a new interchange at this time.