County Council

Regular Meetings
  • 4:30 p.m.
  • 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
  • Council Chambers
  • Public hearings are held at 6 p.m.
  • M. Todd Cullum of Cayce, Chairman
  • Debra B. Summers of West Columbia, Vice Chair
  • Paul Lawrence Brigham, Jr. of Leesville, Council Member
  • Bobby C. Keisler of Lexington, Council Member
  • James E. Kinard, Jr. of Swansea, Council Member
  • Kent Collins of Lexington, Council Member
  • Johnny W. Jeffcoat of Columbia, Council Member
  • Ned Randall Tolar of West Columbia, Council Member
  • Phillip Heyward Yarborough of Columbia, Council Member

Members of the various boards and commissions are chosen from the community. Chapin's representative on the Council is Johnny W. Jeffcoat. Johnny can be reached at his office at 803-509-3089, or at home at 803-781-6522.

In addition to functioning as the board of directors of Lexington County, County Council members also appoint the membership of eight special boards and have an influence on several other regional commissions. Boards for which council members are responsible include the:
  • Accommodations Tax Advisory Board
  • Assessment Appeals Board
  • Building Codes Board of Adjustment
  • Children's Shelter Board
  • Lexington County Health Services District Board
  • Lexington County Recreation Commission
  • Library Board
  • Museum Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
The Council also appoints:
  • 10 of the 37 members of the Central Midlands Regional Planning Council
  • 2 members of the 7-member Riverbanks Zoo Commission
  • 2 of the 18 members of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce's Economic Development Council
  • 3 members of the Columbia Metropolitan Airport's 27-member Noise Abatement Committee
  • 6 of the 12 members of the Lexington/Richland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council
  • 9 of the members of the Transportation Plan Advisory Commission