1. Business Licenses

    Find out how to apply for a business license in the Town of Chapin.

  2. Buy Into Chapin

    Buy Into Chapin is an initiative of the Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce & Visitors' Center to promote doing business with Chapin area businesses. Whether it's one of our local retailers or restaurants or a professional services firm, it helps the Chapin economy to spend money locally.

  3. Communications

    Check out our Channel 2 Community announcements, sign up for our online e-newsletter and learn more about Freedom of Information inquiries.

  4. Economic Development

    Chapin is a great place to work, live and play. Check out our resources to locate new businesses in our community or for ways to expand your existing business within town.

  5. Finance

    View budgets, financial reports, and other finance information for the Town of Chapin.

  6. Zoning

    The Zoning Administrator is responsible for professional and timely review of proposed construction and development in the Town of Chapin, as well as ensuring compliance of Zoning Ordinances.